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This is the online home for Rift Fallen, a boffer-style live-action role-playing game set in a world of Cthulian horrors.

Hundreds of years ago Earth suffered a great catastrophe. No one knows what happened, or why; whether it was caused by fanatical cultists summoning the dark powers, or mankind’s reckless pursuit of sciences it could not understand, but one day reality broke.

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Rifts in reality opened all over the world like the cracking of a pane of glass. They swallowed cities, farms, people and monuments. The Earth was never the same after that day, and her inhabitants would never find what they had lost...but this is not the story of Earth.

The survivors of the Riftfall found themselves in Outland, an inter-dimensional crossroads set between worlds. This warped and maddening realm was inhabited by fantastic and horrific creatures possessing strange powers and serving the hideous will of the Elder Gods.

We invite you to come with us to Outland, into the universe of H.P. Lovecraft, and join with the survivors of the Rift Fall struggling to survive in a hostile world. Madness reigns supreme here, but should you cleave to your sanity, you may eke out a place for yourself, find companions to aid you, and even glimpse a tiny sliver of the mysteries found deep within the Mythos.