Auspices of the Rift Fallen

In the Outland the descendants of humanity have been changed by the mythos forces that pervade the realm and the turning of the stars. As each new human is born into the Outland they are changed by the dominant sign of the great old one in the night sky the day of their birth. They call the different groups Auspices, referring to the astrological nature of their fate. Auspicious groups often time their mating to encourage the birth of others like themselves creating family groups and lineages, but often time is warped, the stars change, and in Outland nothing is ever certain.

You have 15 Auspices to choose from for your character.

Awakened: Yog-Sothoth (Time, gates and portals, The ever-open mind)
Those born beneath the sign of Yog-Sothoth are changed to reflect both its mystical power and alien mind. They have power over gates and know the hidden secrets of the stars.

Bastions: Ghatanothoa (Petrifying, shaper of the world, looks like a twisted Medusa)
Those born beneath the sign of Ghatanothoa find shelter in the mountains and high peaks away from the blasted plains. They have stone skin marked by burning sigils.

Boreans: Ithaqua (The frozen god, the cannibal king)
Those who are born in the frigid air beneath the sign of Ithaqua are untouched by cold. With blood like ice they are hard to kill and they know the value of a good meal when times are lean.

Cusps: Cusps are the result of being born between celestial alignments. They are often easily identified by their lack of easily discernible auspicial characteristics or the development of entirely new ones.


Eregots: Shib-Karanoth (the Dark goat of the woods with its many spawn)
The Eregots are born under the sign of Shib-Karanoth a goat-like being that rules the wild places far from the touch of steel and fire. Those touched by its mark grow horns and sometimes other goat like features. They are hardy, resilient, wild, and highly resistant to any technology made past the rise of man’s civilization.

Ferals: Mh'ithrha (The great beast, the Lord of Tindalos)
Those changed by the sign of Mh'ithrha exhibit a savage and bestial mein. The Ferals, as the other auspices call them, are at home in the brutal wilds and their predatory nature makes them consummate survivalists.

Ghouls: Tsathoggua (The dweller beneath, whisperer in darkness, father of Morlocs)
This Auspice is changed to live life deep beneath the surface. They are a cunning people more adapted to the dark caverns then the bright light of the surface.

Merrows: Dagon (Lord of the deep, the horror beneath the waves) and rarely Bokrug (The Water Lizard)
Those changed by the sign of Dagon are born to the deep, dark, and hostile Outland Sea. They are called Merrows. The seas are a mysterious, dangerous and extraordinary place and more goes on beneath the waves then we could ever guess.

Outriders: Haiogh-Yai (The wandering Dark, the traveler)
Born with a profound wanderlust, they feel the call of the long roads. The change has left them struck with a desire to live life on the move.

Planters: Eihort (Planter of seeds, dealmaker, the inheritor)
With a feel for the earth and that which grows within as well as being tough as nails in a fight they are a valuable asset to their communities. Rumors say one day however they will be the death of humanity.

Revenants: Mordiggian (The Charnel God, Lord of Revenants, the Necrotic force)
The Charnel Lord has left his Auspice marked by decay and the power of Necromancy. They are hard to kill, perhaps because they are already mostly dead.

Solari: Cthugha (The Burning Sun)
These charismatic people of the deserts survive in the burning heat and cherish the spoken word. They are known as the people of wind and fire and they know the secrets of the sand.

Sophisine: Yibb-Tstll (The wise one and knower of things, the Patient one)
This Auspice is intelligent to the point of savant. They use their wits and technological skill to survive. They have strong ties to the Mi-Go.

Thrawls: Cthullu (The dreamer in the dark, The lord of R’leh)
The great old one Cthullu draws the life of those born beneath his sign to stir restlessly with him in his eternal slumber. This auspice is not quite alive but not dead either, they bear the calm of eternal dream.

Vaulted: Hastur (The Yellow King, Repairer of Reputations, He Who Must Not Be Named)
Those “Lucky” ones changed by the rare auspice of Hastur find themselves magnets for wealth and good reputations. They often come together forming alliances and houses for even greater wealth and power thus consolidating their advantage.