Greetings, and welcome to Rift Fallen!

Hello newcomer, this is the online home for the Rift Fallen boffer-style live-action role-playing game.  Hundreds of years ago, rifts in reality opened all over the world, swallowing a sizable sliver of humanity; people, buildings, machines, entire towns.  They found themselves in the Outland, a crossroads of the dimensions of the multiverse, inhabited by fantastic and horrific creatures possessing strange powers and serving hideous masters: Elder Gods, Great Old Ones, and perhaps even stranger and more dangerous things.

Come with us to Outland, into the universe of H.P. Lovecraft, and join with the survivors of the Rift Fall that changed their lives centuries ago.  Madness reigns supreme here, but should you cleave to your sanity, you may eke out a place for yourself, and even glimpse a tiny sliver of the mysteries of the Mythos.