Marshal Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Marshal for Rift Fallen!  Please read over the below information on types and requirements of Marshals, and then fill out the application form to apply.

Types of Marshals

All Marshals

All Marshals are expected to be familiar with the rules and available for witnessing CvC actions such as thefts or physical combat while on shift and potentially in play. All Marshals are expected to help with leading either set-up or clean-up of the campsite.

Rift Fallen Staff members will occasionally be asked to attend Rift retreats and crafting days. Attendance is not required, but is encouraged as it gives us a time outside of game to be a community and take care of a few tasks/training that we aren’t able to do on game weekends.

Rift Fallen staff members are also expected to be leaders in the community, and that means we will hold them to a higher standard, ask that they set an example for the players, restrict some of their play-actions or ask them to steer some stories.

Logistics Marshals are in charge of running the Trade Syndicate. This marshal must attend game consistently. A logistics marshal is required to be honest, thorough, and they must have good handwriting. A Logistics Marshal is required to maintain a positive and cheerful attitude at all times. It is their job to accept resource cards and other in game items, in exchange for crafted items.  Moreover, it is their responsibility to write or print cards for production skills, document character sheets, and ensure that the players have the appropriate gear and skills to perform the requested action.   They may answer any questions that may come in to Logistics. Logistics marshals may be ask to assist with check-in or re-org from time to time.

After applying for this position the player will be observed to ensure that they have a general concept of the crafting & production systems as well as practicing ethical behavior.

Field Marshals are expected to be experts in the rules system and be able to adjudicate rules in the field as well as marshal CVC. A Field Marshal must always lookout for abuse of the rules while on shift as well as in play as their PC. They are expected to marshal scenes, which for the most part means managing groups of NPCs in the field. Field marshals can expect to be actively walking for most of their Marshal Shift.

Setting Marshals create our game environment by assembling and preparing our module sites and special effects.  They are also responsible for the Onieroscape Environment for those characters who die in game play.  They must be prepared to run the scenes associated with the Madness of the ascendant Elder God. Settings Marshals are expected to have the utmost discretion as they may be involved in preparing scenes they or their allies may be involved in during play. It would be a bonus to have advanced skills with make-up, both normal and SFX. Settings Marshals may work with Logistics and Field Marshals to help get NPCs into appropriate costuming and make-up as needed by the modules. 

New Player Marshals are expected to do the New Player Orientation before each Event and be a point of contact for character generation questions and background information.  They will also make themselves available during each event to field questions and educate new players on the rules and combat system.

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