The Town of New River

New River is a small but thriving trade settlement built around a Nodens shrine on the south coast of Khem in the swampy deltas past at the end of the river Fadar. To the south across the southern sea lies vast Thalarion and it’s dark and decadent court. To the west is the deserts of Khem with their long and lonely sands and great pyramids, and to the east past the forest of Parg, is the Basalt city of Dylath-Leen that is ruled by Moon Beasts.

Originally the town of River was a Ghoul and Revenant settlement with a strong Merrow presence from the seacoast. It was built around a massive old world shipping factory, now a ruined scrap pile after falling two hundred feet out of the rift that brought it. When the Shrine appeared just outside the scrap yard the Revenants built a trading post and selling the scavenged materials was their primary source of income. The Ghouls discovered that the factory had fallen upside down into the marshy land and its upper floors and formed a series of underground caverns beneath the scrap yard that served as a fine Antrou. Not many others wanted to come down and live in that swampy place, so the Revenants and Ghouls were mostly left alone except for the Merrows who came to trade with them.

Then, around sixty years ago the lands and islands near Thalarion fell to the Jaundiced Wars when the Eidolon Lathi went to war to wipe out the last remaining Pax Romas settlements near her citystate. The casualties were immense and many of the refugees sailed across the South Sea strait and found themselves at the Nodens of River. The Revenants did not initially appreciate the massive influx of so many different folk, but they were a rough people not evil ones, and they took them in and made homes for them as best they could. The Eidolon Lathi had no interest sailing her minions so far for war so she left them alone save the occasional emissary to tempt them, and remind them she was still present.

The survivors renamed the town New River and built up a larger settlement out from the scrap yard. The refugees had brought with them everything of true importance they could carry, for most this was the lores and histories of their previous homes. They collected these texts together and built the River House, a large library with a diverse collection of lore that despite the town’s relatively small size is known and respected by many scholars across Outland who often make visits there to study.

Today New River is a port of call for traders, refugees, smugglers, diplomats . . . and travelers from a hundred lands that come down or head up the great river. As such the town makes a brisk trade. However few stay long in the harsh southern swamp, preferring to trade or study, and then move on to more hospitable climes, or at least the closest they can find in the hellscape of Outland.

The hardy, independent folk of New River elect a Mayor every year. Ballots are cast on the day of Thanks in late Fall when planting is over and before the good scavenging weather starts. The winner gets a small stipend from the town taxes and is expected to keep good order, settle disputes and act as the leader of the town militia. The Mayor normally appoints a Lawkeeper, and a council of five respected locals to assist them with day to day activities. On the outskirts of the Nodensai a small estate and Garrison of the Pax Romas empire has sprung up. Its leader Console Legate Chandin is a refined man who despite his cosmopolitan taste does not seem overly pterbed at being assigned this post so far from home. The Garrison has had a good relation with the town since its arrival and try not to get involved in local political matters, content to work on whatever mission brought them here.

Day to day life is hard in New River. Like most human settlements in Outland it is under constant assault by the beasts of the mythos, shrouded tribes, and cultists in service to the elder gods. More than that they must always be on guard against the wiles of traders, pirates, and the emissaries from the city of Thalarion which are always attempting to tempt the residents of New River into giving up their freedom to become an outpost of the great city. But the citizens of New River take a certain pride in that hardship, knowing it keeps them strong and independent.