Onieroscape- also known as The Dreamtime

Some call it a miracle, others a curse. Regardless of outlook, the work of the Nodens is inevitable. Those that die within a mile of a Sanctuary Shrine fade from view a few minutes after their last heartbeat. No one can explain this vanishing act, but for some reason anyone who has ever viewed it occurring finds it totally reasonable. For some reason the body disappears but the mind does not question why, or even recognize it as a sudden act. It is merely there at one point, and then it is not, and it seems logical that it should not be. Scholars have speculated that something is happening that the mind cannot fully apprehend and thus is excuses it and rationalizes the occurrence as a way to cope with the impossible.

A few hours later the person who had died will awaken in their own bed, as if from a dream. Those watching their bed experience the same sense of rationality at their appearance. Somehow they will awaken there, their gear and items beside them, well rested if not for a strange feeling of disconnectedness and the vague memories of a terrible nightmare.

It is what happens between life and death, that is the greatest mystery. People claim all sorts of mystical experiences in that twilight place in between. For some they claim to have confronted the darkest parts of themselves, for others it is a vision of madness, others claim warped prophecies of what will come or the knowledge of things long past. This has come to be known as Dreamtime and it is a profound experience for any who go through it.

The process of reconstitution is a difficult one on the mind. For a time their mind is one with the consciousness and mythopoeic resonance within the shrine. This, time, while in reality brief, can feel like an eternity or the blink of an eye.