Playing Rift Fallen for those Under 18

Rift Fallen is primarily designed to be an adult attended event. However, with a parental guardian and consent form we do allow youths to play at game. Before making that decision for your child there are a few things you should know.

The standard content for the game deals with some dark stuff. While Sexual Assault and Racism are forbidden topics for game play, lots of other scary stuff is on the table. Kids will probably see blood, tentacle monsters, screaming in pain for help, threats on people’s lives, and some foul language

If the parents’ consent to their child being exposed to this content, sign a waiver, and chaperone the minor at game, then we at Rift Fallen welcome their inclusion into gameplay.

The game will have a system for certain mods called “Dark Mods” These mods deal with themes which are too harsh for normal game content. They are trigger labeled, Opt in only, and for 18+ years old. These mods will take place in isolated environments – either in a closed off cabin or away from main camp. They are not child appropriate and minors under 18 will not be permitted in dark mod scenes.